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BUSINESS CONSULT | By Catherine Maley It is very common for medical aesthetic practices to vacillate between one of two extremes when it comes to marketing their products and services. They either try to do a little bit of everything or they eschew marketing cam- paigns entirely; after all, shouldn't their skills be enough to bring in patients and keep them coming back? The reality is, neither approach is going to get you where you want to go in terms of long-term growth and success. It takes strategic planning to ensure that you are using your marketing resources wisely. Following are fi ve effective—and often overlooked— marketing strategies that offer a high return on investment. CROSS PROMOTE ALL SERVICES Sarah has been coming into your practice for two years for Botox, chemical peels and skincare products. She loves her doctor, the staff and her results. So why did she go somewhere else to get her laser hair removal? Because she didn't know you offered that service The beauty of this industry (pun intended) is that as the aging process continues, your patrons will continue to seek out your services. Cosmetic patients want to look good today, next month and for years to come, so be sure they are aware of all the rejuvenation services you offer. You can do this by creating a menu of services and dis playing it in multiple sizes and formats throughout your facility. A brochure-style menu of services can be displayed at the checkout desk. Ask staff to hand the menus to exiting patients or place them in retail bags. Enlarge the menu to poster size, frame it and hang it in your reception area and each of the treatment rooms and/or rest rooms. Add a bulleted list of services to the back of your business cards and referral cards. KEEP IN TOUCH I interviewed hundreds of cosmetic patients for my book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying. Do you know the No. 1 reason they visit a practice but never return? Indifference. Patients may like you. They may be happy with their results. But if you forget to stay in touch, they are likely to wander off to a competitor who courts them as a customer. You need to keep your name in front of existing patients, so when they are ready to book a new treatment, they will think of you fi rst. 14 SEPTEMBER 2017 | Med Esthetics © GETTY IMAGES Missed Opportunities Practices and medspas often overlook these effective and easy-to-implement marketing strategies.

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