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staphylococcus (CoNS) species. "But that in itself is not enough information," says Dr. Gallo. "It turns out there are very specifi c genes that convey these functions." The use of topically applied probiotics containing these species has led to dramatic results in patients with diseased skin, including those with poor wound healing and atopic dermatitis. "Clinical data show a dramatic infection-fi ghting effect within one day of restoring the balance of bacteria on the skin," says Dr. Gallo. "How long those bacteria will last probably depends on the individual patient, and we're still learning about that." (The data was published in Sci- ence Translational Medicine, February 2017). CoNS-based topicals are not yet commercially available, but Dr. Gallo believes they may reach the market within a year. "First, we're going for disease treatment," he says. "But there are obvious applications for normal skin with limitations from aging and photodamage that can be im- mediately translated." With so many new classes of ingredients coming onto the market each year, will retinoids soon have some competition? "There is interesting science, but a lot more work needs to be done to prove these things work," says Kulesza. "At the end of the day, the gold standard remains retinoids. So when we evaluate a new ingredient, we need to see comparative studies between that ingredient and a retinoid." Inga Hansen is the executive editor of MedEsthetics. | SEPTEMBER 2017 37 "We're fi nding a lot of basic biological mechanisms that are advancing our understanding of how the bacteria that live on the skin throughout life affect the way it behaves." New Marks through fluids! VisFlow ™ Ultra Pressurized Surgical Mar er 1.800.221.0658 • see demo: w w w . b i t . l y / v i s f l o w - d e m o

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