OCT 2017

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U l t r a S l i m ® Timely results. Results in 3 to 6 months. — CoolsculpƟ Results take up to 12 weeks. — Results are instant, observed at the treatment visit. — Treatment Method. Extreme cold. Laser-generated heat. Narrowband non-coherent light. ReducƟon of treated fat cells. "About 20% to 25%" — CoolsculpƟ "Up to 24% " — "About 33%" — Average inch loss during each visit. None. None. PaƟents lost an average of 3.5" during each treatment. — Volume lost. PaƟents lost an average of 39.6cc within 8 weeks. — Lasers in Surg. and Med. None specified. PaƟents lost an average of 1,580.2cc during each visit. — Side effects and adverse outcomes. Pain (including long-term), umbilical hernia, gaining fat, enlargement of fat, stretch marks, prolapsed bladder, uterus and rectum, para- doxical adipose hyperplasia, inflammatory coloniƟs, and deep vein thrombosis. — Pain (including long-term), laser burns, nodule for- maƟon, blistering, scars, swelling, fever, abscess, tenderness, and celluliƟs. — No side effects. — The only Risk Group 1 body contouring device. — EsƟmated equipment cost for 7,000 uses. $1,198,000 $530,000 $128,000 *MulƟ-site clinical trials found an average loss at each treatment of 1.6 liters (3.5" combined from the waist, hips, and thighs) with four 8-minute procedures. All paƟents lost at least 716.6ml of fat (and up to 4.6 liters) at each visit, with 98% of paƟents losing at least 2" at each v isit. See NCT02867150. UltraSlim® is a registered trademark of Blue Water InnovaƟons, LLC. FDA approvals K160880 and K150336. U.S. patents includ e 9498641 and 9044595. Sources of comparaƟve informaƟon are listed in the UltraSlim Brochure. "This really works. My first patient lost 6 ¼ inches in 3 treatments." Robert H. Burke, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery Ann Arbor, Michigan Abdominal fat shown here is reduced 33% with one 8-minute treatment in vivo. According to the surgeon, "It was mushy, with a congealed jelly type of appear- ance. It looked like the fat had melted, although there was no heat. Only light." Control UltraSlim

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