OCT 2017

MedEsthetics—business education for medical practitioners—provides the latest noninvasive cosmetic procedures, treatment trends, product and equipment reviews, legal issues and medical aesthetics industry news.

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The Medical Spa Show presented by Trends Technology Laws Networking Techniques February 9 - 11, 2018 Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV Visit =oulou;bm=oul-ঞom-m7|ou;]bv|;u ;7b1-Ѵ"r--m7;v|_;ঞ1oo|-lrv Who can own a med spa? Avoiding an bm;vঞ]-ঞom Who can perform what treatments? Legally paying ouv|-@ How to -u-1| m;r-ঞ;m|v A Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Profitable Medical Spa ľor;m;7ll;7b1-Ѵvr-om;;-u-[;u-;m7bm]l"r-Ľvouhv_or vঞѴѴ_-;|_;0bm7;uoml7;vhb|_bm;-vu;-1_Ĵ_-;=om7-ѴѴo= |_;buu;1oll;m7-ঞomvbm1Ѵ7bm]0vbm;vvr-u|m;uvķruo71|vķ-m70;v| l;7vr-ru-1ঞ1;v|o0;ub]_|omfv|h;;r]obm]0-1h=oulou;ĴĿ - Nicole Norris, MD, Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa, Peru, Illinois " Visit | Call 312-981-0993 | Email -ѴѴƒƐƑŊƖѶƐŊƏƖƖƒoul-bѴbm=oŠ-l;ub1-ml;7vr-ou] Chicago, IL Oct. 14 – 15 2017 Atlanta, GA Nov. 6 – 7 2017 "b]m&r=ou-oo|-lr$o7-Ĵ 2018 Dates Coming "oomĴ $_;+-ঞom-Ѵ$u-7;"_oo1v;7om omŊm-vb;;7b1-Ѵ;v|_;ঞ1vĴ

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