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18 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Med Esthetics INTRODUCTIONS 1 NEW AND IMPROVED PDL Syneron-Candela's Vbeam Prima 595nm pulsed dye laser system offers an additional 1,064nm wavelength to treat deep blue veins and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, plus increased maximum fl uence, contact and spray cooling, extended dye life and once-a-day calibration. "I've worked with the Vbeam platform for years, and I am extremely excited about advancements with the Prima, especially the 50% greater power enabling a 15mm spot size, both contact and spray cooling, once-a-day calibration and extended dye life thanks to a completely re-designed system," says Eric Bernstein, MD. "In a clinical study using Vbeam Prima, facial redness and rosacea symptoms were dramatically reduced after four treatments." Contact: 800.733.8550, 2 RELIEF FOR SEVERELY DRY SKIN Topix Pharmaceuticals Glycolix Glyco-Urea KP Therapy was developed for patients with keratosis pilaris (KP), psoriasis and dermatitis. Glycolic acid (15 percent), Urea USP, proteolytic enzymes, exfoliating peptides and amino acids work together to quickly remove dry, hardened skin while moisturizing and replenishing the skin barrier. Contact: 800.445.2595, 3 DUAL WAVELENGTH RESURFACING Sciton's new and improved Halo 2.0 hybrid fractional laser targets both the upper and deeper layers of the skin to treat visible issues, including enlarged pores, fi ne lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and acne scars in one to two treatment sessions. The laser features 1,470nm and 2,940nm wavelengths, and each can be tuned independently for precise coverage and depth of treatment. Contact: 650.493.9155, 4 FAST-ACTING ANALGESIC Dyve Comfort L-lidocaine 4% gel (with 1% menthol) and Dyve Comfort B-benzocaine 20% gel (with 1% menthol) from Dyve Biosciences are FDA-approved, over-the-counter formulations. The analgesic gels' proprietary transdermal delivery system allows a lower concentration of actives to penetrate more quickly—in less than 10 minutes—and more deeply—up to 5mm—so providers get OTC safety with prescription-grade effi cacy. They are indicated for a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including fi llers, botulinum toxins, laser procedures and vaginal rejuvenation. Contact: 833.398.3246, 5 GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE PEELING The Actinage MicroPeel from SkinLuma clarifi es and exfoliates skin with a combination of 30 percent salicylic acid, azelaic acid and a retinoid. The low-downtime, in-offi ce treatment is indicated for oily and blemish-prone skin and can be used on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV. Contact: 800.874.9686, 3 1 2 4 5

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