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The medspa industry has seen explosive growth over the past decade, thanks to increased public awareness of the many more affordable and effective medical aesthetic treatments now available. This has led to an infl ux of entrepreneurs seeking physicians who will join them in the medspa business by lending their expertise, their names and/or their medical licenses so they can offer these in-demand procedures. In addition, the medspa business model has become an attractive option for many "non- core" physicians looking for more lucrative, rewarding and fl exible work environments. But being the owner or medical director of a medspa is not the easy path to a monthly check in the mail. It re- quires more than simply showing up to sign off on patient charts once a month and supervising the medical staff from a home computer. In fact, if physicians simply list their names as medical directors without fully understanding their legal and ethical obligations, they are putting their medical licenses—not to mention unsuspecting patients— at great risk. Before you sign on as the medical director of a medspa, be sure you can answer "yes" to the following questions. Will I be examining every patient prior to treatment? Even though medspas sometimes look more like day spas, if they offer medical cosmetic treatments, they are consid- ered medical practices and are subject to the same rules and regulations as a doctor's offi ce. This means that every new patient who walks through the door must be exam- ined by a physician or, in some states, a midlevel practitio- ner before receiving medical treatment. The initial patient consult is a crucial step in every physician-patient relation- ship but oftentimes it is ignored in the medspa setting. 24 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Med Esthetics © GETTY IMAGES LEGAL ISSUES | By Renee Coover Know the risks and rules before signing on as a medspa medical director. LEND ME YOUR NAME

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