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DECK THE HALLS 40 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Med Esthetics © GETTY IMAGES "Practices can also create a membership package where the consumer pays $100 or $150 per month, entitling them to product discounts, one free service per month and a unique preview of new offerings. It makes them feel like a VIP," Aiossa adds. "If you make it interchangeable, where if a patient can't use the service one month, she can gift it to her mother or sister, this creates more clients and gives you a headstart on revenue for the coming year." PREPARING PATIENTS AND STAFF Reaping the benefi ts of the holiday season requires careful planning well before the season starts. "Come November, it does start to get a little crazy," says Ontiveros. To help patients achieve their desired outcomes in time for pictures and parties, she encourages them to book their facial treatments in October with time for a quick touch-up in December, if needed. "If someone comes in August I say, 'OK, we're going to do your Botox today and we're going to do a chemical peel and a facial. Then come back in the middle of October, and we'll get you ready for the holidays. We can touch you up again sometime in December and then go from there," she says. "So they're already in the mindset of spacing out treat- ments appropriately, so they will look great and be ready for pictures and parties in December." True Radiance also cross-trains all employees so the medspa is prepared for busy times without having to add temporary staff. "I have my estheticians start on the front desk," says Ontiveros. "This preps them so when that busy holiday season comes, everybody knows how to answer the phones." She looks for fl exibility in staff skills, so they are prepared to handle extra bookings and accomodate impulsive clients who may decide to add an extra service once they arrive. "I always have someone in the facility who can perform both higher up procedures and lower down procedures," says Ontiveros. "A nurse injector may be able to offer Bo- tox and fi llers and also perform a facial or chemical peel, for example. Or the surgeon may be able to take on some of the injectable treatments, while the esthetician covers the facials and chemical peels. This gives a little wiggle room if a patient comes in for Botox and then decides she wants a chemical peel too." Monthly staff meetings are particularly important to share current promotions and plan scheduling. "Going into a busy holiday season, you need to make sure your house is in or- der," says Ontiveros. "Make sure your staff is trained, make sure you are communicating effectively, and make sure you have decided what you are promoting each month." Inga Hansen is the executive editor of MedEsthetics. "During the holiday season, consumers are also more eager to spend money on themselves." Offering retail gift sets, online and physical gift cards, and special treatment packages for the coming year all help patients see your products and services as giftable and giftworthy.

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