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54 SEPTEMBER 2018 | Med Esthetics DO THE RIGHT THING performs facelifts, most of his patients prefer shorter down- times for facial concerns, so he focuses on what he calls "the Four 'R's." "I relax the muscle with neuromodulators—Botox, Dys- port or Xeomin. If needed, I refi ll the face to correct the lost volume with fi llers. In many patients, I resurface the skin with lasers, chemical peels or IPL treatments. Then I re-lift the soft tissue with minimally invasive procedures such as radiofrequency treatments or laser liposuction in the neck," he says. "Over the last few years, this portion of my practice has grown because people would rather come in and get things done a few times over the years than all at once and have a prolonged recovery." But things are different when it comes to the body. To- day, Dr. Gutowski does much more aggressive liposuction and body contouring than in the past. "For the body, I do bigger procedures to get better results. For example, I do a no-drain, 360-degree liposuction and tummy tuck where I contour the body all the way around the trunk and then do a no-drain tummy tuck at the same time," he says. "In many cases, I 'repurpose' the removed fat by using it to enhance the breasts or buttocks." Laser and energy devices have also evolved since he launched his practice. "We have four CoolSculpting machines, which bring in a lot of patients," Dr. Gutowski says. "I've tried it myself so I know what it can do. While it does provide nice results, some people are better off with liposuction and a tummy tuck. Since I offer all these treat- ments, I can offer them the whole range of body reshaping options." Dr. Gutowski also specializes in treating lipedema, a metabolic disorder that results in fat overgrowth in the legs. Many of his lipedema patients travel long distances for a series of liposuction treatments to regain better function and quality of life. Even with a successful and growing practice, Dr. Gutowski still sees himself as an academic plastic surgeon. He enjoys teaching students and residents as a clinical associate professor at the University of Illi- nois at Chicago, and he continues to publish scientifi c papers and lecture nationally on new topics in aesthetic surgery and nonsur- gical treatments. "When I prepare to give a lecture, teach a course or write a paper for publication, I become much better at that topic," he says. "If you want to teach something, you have to become an ex- pert on it. So it forces me to keep learning." His passion for academia and research is built into his practice. "My newest project is setting up a research insti- tute in our Glenview fl agship location," he says. "We just hired a talented physician's assistant who has research and education experience with lasers and radiofrequency tech- nology. As we develop our practice as a teaching facility for injectable procedures and aesthetic laser treatments, we are also setting up a research side to go from 'bench to bedside,' so we can offer our patients the newest, most effective treatments." His son is currently in college and is interested in becoming a doctor, and Dr. Gutowski looks forward to having the opportunity to mentor him—as he has so many others—as he pursues a career in medicine. "What I've come to realize is that to be successful, you need to put your patients fi rst," says Dr. Gutowski. "It can't be about the dollar. It has to be about doing the right thing for our patients." Keith Loria is a freelance writer based in Oaktown, VA. Dr. Gutowski wanted to create an airy and welcoming environment for patients. " , So it forces me to k

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