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Page 57 of 68 | OCTOBER 2018 55 positivity," says Dr. Siperstein. "She comments about the wonderful efforts she has seen and shares the positive reviews we've received from patients that week. It helps get everyone excited and happy to come to work." The practice also gives out "Smile Awards," which recog- nize team members who go above and beyond in exem- plifying the practice's six core values. "Employees nominate each other," says Dr. Siperstein. "For instance, recently it was raining so a staff member got an umbrella to walk an elderly patient to her car so she wouldn't get wet. Some- one nominated her for 'caring.'" Recipients get a Smile pin, and they wear them at the offi ce. "My husband came up with this idea. He works with JetBlue, which is also really into workplace culture, so he loves working on this stuff with me," says Dr. Siperstein. Another idea she adopted from her pilot husband is the use of checklists. "I have a lot of protocols in place in the practice to keep patients safe, and we use a lot of check- lists," she says. "We tell patients that our goal is to go above and beyond for them, and we share how we do that: We use checklists, we have protocols in place, we don't double book, etc." The philosophy has worked well. Over the past eight years, Siperstein Dermatology Group has been through multiple expansions. Three years ago, Dr. Siperstein built a new 8,000-square-foot facility in Boynton Beach and she is in the process of completing a new 7,000-square-foot space in Boca Raton. "It's hard because you want to prepare for growth, but you don't want to be paying for something that you're not utilizing," she says. "So in the beginning in my 8,000-square- foot Boynton space, I leased 1,500 square feet to a plastic surgeon. But he's already gone because I'm out of space and need to expand to the full building." It was her grandfather's experience as a business owner that led Dr. Siperstein to purchase her own facilities as quickly as possible. "My grandfather owned a paint and wall- paper business, and a couple of his locations were rentals," she says. "Every time he had to renegotiate the lease, the landlords could pretty much name their prices and they had him because he didn't want to move. I learned from that to always be your own landlord." She also learned a few lessons in business management from her early years as an artist-entrepreneur. "The main things I learned were how to set prices and the value of learning what consumers want," she says. What Consumers Want "When I was launching my practice, I would sit at the local Starbucks and ask the people coming in 'what magazines do you read and does your community have a paper?'" she says. This helped her realize that each location required a slightly different approach to marketing. "In Boynton Beach, it's primarily a 55-plus age group, and I learned that their communities have newspapers. I would contact the HOAs and get a contact to advertise in their community papers. Whereas in Boca Raton, it's a little bit of a younger patient base, so a lot of our advertising is done online," she says. She encourages new practitioners: "Don't be afraid to market. When I fi rst started, I thought it was ridiculous that a doctor would advertise," she says. "I felt our profession should be above that. But being a brand-new doctor in a brand-new place, I thought, how else is anyone going to know I'm here?" Siperstein Dermatology Group offers complimentary cosmetic consultations and hosts "meet the doctors" events. "I do a lot of advertising for these events. In our advertis- ing, we focus on the fact that we are all board certifi ed and IMAGES COURTESY OF DR. ROBYN SIPERSTEIN Dr. Siperstein wanted to create an environment in which both patients and employees would enjoy spending time.

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