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NEWS & EVENTS 60 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018 | MedEsthetics "Candela is committed to developing and enhancing innovative technological solutions that change lives. Our partnership with the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation and Dr. Roy Geronemus refl ects this commitment," said Geoffrey Crouse, CEO of Candela. "We are honored to offer these pro-bono treatments with the gold standard Vbeam pulsed dye laser to continue our mission to improve patients' quality of life." For more information about the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, visit AIVITA APPOINTS NEW SENIOR LEADERS Scott Burell is now chief fi nancial offi cer of AIVITA Biomedical and Kevin Green is the company's new vice president of business de- velopment. AIVITA Biomedical is a biotech company specializing in stem cell applications, including ovarian cancer and glioblastoma. The company also manufactures two skincare lines, ROOT OF SKIN and ROOT OF SKIN MD, which include a proprietary actives complex containing the natural ingredients of skin stem cells. Burell brings more than 25 years of corporate fi nance experience ranging from M&A to strategic management, operational manage- ment, fi nancial reporting and compliance to the position. Prior to joining AIVITA, he served as CFO of CombiMatrix Corporation. Green previously served as senior director of business development at Allergan for 10 years. "Mr. Burell and Mr. Green bring decades of B2B, corporate fi nance and capital raising experience to AIVITA," said Dr. Hans S. Keirstead, AIVITA's chairman and CEO. "These appointments refl ect our plans for further capitalization via investment and partnership." The company recently announced that the University of Califor- nia, Irvine's Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program and the UCLA- UCI Alpha Stem Cell Clinic have received IRB approval to begin re- cruiting patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma for a phase 2 trial of AIVITA's platform ROOT OF CANCER treatment. The technolo- gy is also currently the subject of a Phase 2 clinical trial in ovarian can- cer in the U.S. and a commercialization effort in melanoma in Japan. SYNERON CANDELA ACQUIRES ELLIPSE Syneron Candela, a global aesthetic device company, has acquired Ellipse, a Danish medical device company that manufactures and markets Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser-based platforms for a wide variety of medical and aesthetic skin treatments. Ellipse's key products include Nordlys, a multi-application, multi- technology IPL and Nd:YAG platform for vascular and pigmented lesions as well as hair removal. The Nordlys also offers a fractionated PUBLICATION TITLE PUBLICATION NO. 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