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Adding 20 years of expertise to your practice. GentleMax Pro is the backbone of thousands of practices worldwide - OLSWPUNTLKPJHSWYHJ[P[PVULYZJVUÄKLU[S`[YLH[\U^HU[LKOHPYWPNTLU[LK SLZPVUZHUK\UZPNO[S`]LPUZHSS^P[OHZPUNSLKL]PJL;OHURZ[V[^VKLJHKLZ VMJVU[PU\V\ZPUUV]H[PVUHUK[OLWYV]LUWV^LYM\SJVTIPUH[PVUVMP[Z UT(SL_HUKYP[LHUKUT5K!@(.SHZLYZ.LU[SL4H_7YVOHZILJVTL the go-to solution for practices looking to increase patient satisfaction while TH_PTPaPUNWYHJ[PJLZ\JJLZZ Learn how GentleMax Pro can help your practice at No matter the task at hand, choose the proven pro. Unwanted hair: gone. Pigmented lesions: eliminated. Unsightly veins: erased. *HUKLSH*VYWVYH[PVU;OPZTH[LYPHSJVU[HPUZYLNPZ[LYLK[YHKLTHYRZ[YHKLUHTLZHUKIYHUKUHTLZVM*HUKLSH*VYWVYH[PVU VYP[ZHSPH[LZPUJS\KPUN:`ULYVU*HUKLSHHUK.LU[SL4H_7YV(SSV[OLY[YHKLTHYRZHYL[OLWYVWLY[`VM[OLPYYLZWLJ[P]LV^ULYZ(SS YPNO[ZYLZLY]LK7) ,55(

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