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Page 45 of 68 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 43 "The nation is short workers," says Mel Kleiman, director of Houston-based Humetrics, an employment consulting fi rm. "With unemployment hovering around 4 percent, basically anyone who wants a job can get one." The solution for employers: Be more proactive in your recruiting. "A lot of people are not unhappy enough with their current positions to search out new ones," says Kleiman. "But they might well be interested if jobs came looking." The best way to reach those potential applicants is to "go where they congregate," says Orlando, Florida-based management consultant Terry Brock. "And today people congregate on social media." Network for Success On one level, the use of social media for recruiting represents a dramatic shift away from the use of print and online help wanted ads. On another, it is just the latest version of the tried-and-true networking paradigm. "Twenty years ago, the value of recruiters was often determined by the quality of their personal networks," says Toronto-based management consultant Randall Craig. "What's different with social media is the potential reach and degree of visibility." Unlike online job boards, such as CareerBuilder, Monster and ZipRecruiter, you can get your message in front of people who aren't actively seeking new positions without hiring a recruiter. "If you post a notice on the job boards, you only reach people who are actively looking for new positions," says Nate Riggs, CEO of NR Media Group, a consulting fi rm in Columbus, Ohio. "But if you reach out on a social network, you can attract the attention of top- performing people who might not be looking to move on, but who are intrigued by an unexpected opportunity. This can greatly expand your candidate pool." And there are plenty of social media to choose from, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Bef e y begin using y r social media pages to se ch f new staff memb s, y do need to be an active social media play .

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