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© GETTY IMAGES 44 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 | Med Esthetics How do you know which social media to use? Your fi rst thought is probably LinkedIn, which pioneered the concept of social recruiting some 15 years ago, and that's not a bad thought. While the platform once catered exclusively to professionals, it has recently expanded its reach to include employees at pretty much any level. "LinkedIn remains one of the top go-to social media sites for recruiting," says Rebecca Mazin, a co-founder of the Tarrytown, New York- based human resources fi rm Recruit Right. "You can fi nd everyone from interns and administrative candidates, all the way up to vice presidents and CEOs." But is LinkedIn the best platform for you? The people who can best answer that question are sitting a few feet away from you. Ask your employees where they spend time in cyberspace, because your most promising job candidates are likely populating the same venues. (For tips on how to use these different sites most effectively, see "Pick Your Platform" on page right.) Social media helps you leverage another proven tool in attracting the best candidates: referrals. Most employers already realize the value of asking current employees for leads. Social media sites allow you to leverage that dynamic substantially. "Facebook, Twitter and other platforms let you invite your customers to help you in your recruiting efforts," says Mazin. "You might post a comment that says, 'We are looking for an individual with the following skills. Do you know anyone like this who might like working for us?'" Lay the Groundwork Before you begin using your social media pages to search for new staff members, you do need to be an active social media player. That's because recruiting today is a two-way street: It's not just you looking for a new employee; it's a whole group of potential employees getting to know your business as a quality place to work. "It is not only you fi nding candidates but candidates fi nding you," says Craig. "And they perform their due diligence also." Candidates will be looking at the posts you make over time on your practice pages to get a sense of whether it might be a good fi t for their talents, personalities and career goals. "Establishing a long-term presence will give potential candidates a lot to see and digest," says Riggs. "It helps answer the question, "Would I enjoy working with these people?'" If your social media is professional and highlights staff accomplishments and appreciation, it will help you attract professional candidates. "Also, you can assess the seriousness of each candidate by fi nding out how closely each has studied your social media presence," says Riggs. "Try asking a question such as this: 'Tell me one thing on our Facebook page that you thought was interesting or made you want to talk with us?' Anyone who can't give a good answer may not be a promising enough contender." SOCIAL RECRUITING "It's not ly y finding candidates but candidates finding y , and they p f m the due diligence also." Social media allows you to recruit employees who are not actively looking for jobs.

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