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Powered by Photopneumatic® Technology Pre-Treatment Post 2 Treatments Post 3 Treatments Post 4 Treatments Post 5 Treatments 1 Month Post 6 Tx 7OV[VNYHWOZJV\Y[LZ`VM2VTHRP;HKHZOP4+ "There are no side effects. You're not putting anything on the skin except water and the devices. You're not putting anything in the patients' mouths, so there's no potential risk of irritation from benzoyl peroxide or retinoic acid and there's no potential side effects from antibiotics. They like the fact that it's painless. They like the fact that they see the improvement while they're in the office. And then a day later, we get calls from patients saying 'Wow! These spots look better right away'. They never do that when you prescribe tetracycline." Jeffrey Dover, MD, Dermatologist A unique combination of vacuum and broadband light to treat mild-tomoderate acne, pustular acne and inflammatory acne :JHU[OPZ89JVKL[V ]PL^WH[PLU[Z[VYPLZVY ]PZP[0ZVSHaJVT Change the lives of your patients! 877.782.2286 U U 0UKPJH[PVUZMVY\ZLPUJS\KLTPSK[VTVKLYH[LHJULPUJS\KPUNW\Z[\SHYHJULJVTLKVUHSHJULHUKTPSK[VTVKLYH[LPUÅHTTH[VY`HJULHJUL]\SNHYPZPUHSSZRPU[`WLZ-P[aWH[YPJR 0=0(SS)LMVYLHUK(M[LYWOV[VZHYL\UYL[V\JOLK9LZ\S[ZTH`]HY` :VS[H4LKPJHS0UJ(SSYPNO[ZYLZLY]LK0ZVSHaHUK7OV[VWUL\TH[PJHYLYLNPZ[LYLK[YHKLTHYRZVM:VS[H4LKPJHS0UJHUKP[ZZ\IZPKPHYPLZ6[OLYIYHUKZTH`ILJSHPTLKHZ [OLWYVWLY[`VMV[OLYZ

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