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EDITOR'S NOTE CONTENTS Inga Hansen Executive Editor/ Associate Publisher Treatment Options Evolve One year ago, we heard about two potential light-based cures for acne using either a specific wavelength or an aggressive form of PDT to obliterate the sebaceous glands. Both protocols—which stemmed from the renowned Wellman Center for Photomedicine—were in the very early stages of development awaiting further research and engineering advances that would make them viable for in-office use. In our Research Review on page 2, we share the latest advances from these researchers—covering PDT, nanotechnology and sebum-targeting laser prototypes—as they continue in their quest to find a light-based solution to acne vulgaris. Short a cure, both acne and rosacea remain chronic conditions that require comprehensive treatment regimens to soothe the multiple symptoms experienced by patients. Pharmaceutical companies continue to perfect prescription topicals, creating more gentle formulations and combination therapies aimed at improving patient compliance, while cosmetic and dermatologic practices are finding that incorporating non-prescriptive in-office and take home treatments can increase both patient satisfaction and compliance. To learn more about the latest topical formulations for acne and rosacea as well how to incorporate non-medical skincare services in your practice, peruse "Prescribing Topicals" on page 5 and "Working with Estheticians" on page 16. Acne scarring remains a challenging condition to treat. Though the industry has heralded several promising treatment options in recent years, once in clinical practice, the results tend to fall short of patient expectations. On page 10, writer Russell A. Jackson offers a review of the most effective acne scar treatments currently available and speaks with physicians about combination protocols that are offering the best scar reduction outcomes. We look forward to following the continued advances in acne and rosacea care in the coming year as new research will undoubtedly uncover more information on the mechanisms of action behind these chronic conditions, and the industry will respond with new treatment options and protocols. 16 FEATURES 5 Prescribing Topicals by Inga Hansen New prescription and homecare topicals offer familiar actives in more targeted formulations. 10 Smoothing the Surface by Russell A. Jackson Acne scar treatment options incorporate a variety of tools to soften specific scar types. 16 Working with Estheticians by Laura Cooksey Estheticians with advanced acne training can help improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. DEPARTMENTS 2 Research Review 20 Treatment Tools 24 Ad Index Cover Photography: © Tony Hutchings/Getty Images • 818.782.7328, ext. 289 5 10

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