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BUSINESS CONSULT | By Cheryl Whitman Just as people need annual checkups as well as healthy daily habits to operate at their peak, medspas and aesthetic prac- tices should conduct regular evaluations to ensure their busi- nesses are in the best possible shape. While some areas of attention need to be as routine as, say, brushing our teeth, others can be tended to on a slightly less frequent basis, much like annual health screenings. With this in mind, what follows are some of the most important professional consid- erations—from your facility's outward appearance to brand- ing and marketing efforts—that will benefi t from ongoing, as well as occasional, scrutiny. DAILY REVIEW You may not notice subtle changes to a person's appear- ance if you see them every day. Similarly, it's easy to miss a gradual shift in your offi ce's visual appeal. But failing to take a frequent and critical look at your facility can lead to a steady decline that patients will most certainly observe— and this will affect their perception of your practice. So, make a point of assessing and addressing each of the fol- lowing areas every day: Front Entrance. The landscaping and walkways to your doors, as well as whether your windows sparkle, are critical to your curb appeal. After all, these details are the fi rst that visitors see—so whether it's dirt and debris or a layer of dust, keep all points of entry well-groomed, clean and free of clutter. Reception Area. Interior wear and tear can also creep up on you, and you must catch it before it becomes apparent to patients. To that end, give the paint, fl ooring and furniture a quick glance upon arrival. Meanwhile, if you have magazines, service menus, business cards or other printed materials at the front desk or on tables, make sure they're neatly organized (and not outdated), well stocked and clearly displayed. Retail Space. If you sell products in your offi ce, check that merchandising displays are well stocked, dust- free and beautifully presented. If you offer testers, make sure the containers are all clean and full, and that you have plenty of applicators available. Social Media. Whether your patients tend to be more active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, be sure to post to at least one of your accounts daily. From an evergreen, inspirational quote to details of a new service or special promotion, it's a quick and simple way to remain top of mind with existing as well as prospective patients. 20 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | Med Esthetics © GETTY IMAGES A regular review of key aspects of your business will help you retain existing patients and attract new ones. PRACTICE CHECKUP

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