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ANNUAL REVIEW Things change quickly in this industry, from the types of people seeking out your services to new research fi nd- ings, product developments and treatment protocols. To ensure ongoing success, devote one month each year to evaluating these bigger-picture aspects of your business: Branding. Whether it's the patients you serve, the treatments you offer or how you want to be perceived by the public, there are plenty of reasons to update your brand. Perhaps your practice began under a general der- matology umbrella, but you've since added medspa services or a specialty clinic focusing on acne or antiaging. Or maybe you're preparing to launch a new private-label skincare line. These could all call for distinct brand extensions that each share a similar style with your brand umbrella. For example, a brand umbrella may be RosenMD Dermatology. Under that umbrella, Dr. Rosen could create several brand extensions, including RosenRX Skincare, Rosen MedSpa and RosenMD Acne Clinic. On the other hand, if your practice identity has narrowed or shifted it focus signifi cantly, it may be time to rebrand completely. For instance, a plastic surgeon who started out specializing in facelifts for women in their 50s to 70s with sizable disposable incomes may now specialize in noninva- sive treatments serving a younger patient base with a wider income range. Website. As one of your most important sales tools, your website should showcase current photos and profi les of your practice and your staff, and include before-and-after photos of patients, as well as educational materials on your current offerings. Any changes—be it your address, contact information, staff or services—should be refl ected as soon as they occur. After all, if your website isnÕt current, your practice will seem out of date as well. So, update your website regularly and invest in a redesign every two to three years. Service Menu. Review your service menu to make sure it includes all current offerings—and none that have been discontinued or renamed. Public Relations. If you want to be recognized as a leader in your fi eld, reaching out to media outlets is a must. Check these contacts once a year to make sure any press releases or details about your expertise, offerings, open houses and specials are reaching the right people. Also research new media in your area on an annual basis. Then, contact them to introduce yourself and fi nd out who should be alerted to news about your practice. Referral Network. As with press contacts, maintain a current list of referring physicians and other professional peers, and seek out new businesses that may be a good fi t for cross promotions in your area (think: high-end bou- tiques, health centers or beauty salons). Check to make sure you have the right phone and email information. You might also want to set up a time to talk and share (or remind them of) your credentials and services. You can also discuss sharing your menu with their patrons or coordinating open house events. Likewise, are there local charities you've worked with in the past, or new ones to explore? Contact them and offer products or gift cards for their events, or mention that you're available to speak at events and provide sponsorships or gifts for raffl es. Reaching out, even once a year, can lead to all sorts of new opportunities and keep your business top of mind. Cheryl Whitman is founder and CEO of Beautiful Forever, an aesthetic business consulting fi rm. Contact her at, 561.299.3909. 22 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | Med Esthetics BUSINESS CONSULT PHOTOS COURTESY OF SUSAN MURRMANN, MD . If your practice identity has narrowed or shifted its focus signifi cantly, it may be time to rebrand completely. When Drs. McDonald and Murrmann expanded their OB-GYN practice to include a separate laser and aesthetics center, they chose to both rebrand the practice and add a brand extension to differentiate the two businesses.

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