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AESTHETIC TECHNOLOGIES 56 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | Med Esthetics Capture consistent before-and- after images with the FotoFinder Automated ATBM . The body imaging system offers guided photography templates that walk the user through the entire imaging process plus an automated stand that adjusts the camera to the patient's height and target areas. Contact: 888.501.0805, fotofi Ward Photonics Cellulize uses an ultra- narrow bandwidth of green light to relax connective tissue in subcutaneous fat and stimulate lipolysis to reduce circumference and the skin dimpling associated with cellulite. The noninvasive treatment works with the body's natural cellular response to offer visible results with no pain or downtime. Contact: 800.392.5950, The DESCRIBE PFD Patch from Merz Aesthetics is a single-use, dual-layer silicone patch infused with the optical clearing agent perfl uorodecalin (PFD). When used during laser-assisted tattoo removal treatments, it quickly resolves laser-induced whitening so you can perform multiple passes in a single treatment session. Contact: 844.469.6379, The Secret RF microneedling system from Cutera delivers precise, controlled radiofrequency energy at various depths to stimulate and remodel collagen with limited- to-no downtime. Providers can adjust needle penetration from 0.5mm to 3.5mm to address fi ne lines and wrinkles, photoaging, striae, and acne, burn and atrophic scars. The dual handpieces can be used to treat large or small areas on the face and body. Contact: 415.657.5500, The Canfi eld VISIOMED Optima is a portable examination magnifi er used for fast clinical analysis and in- depth dermatological examinations. With its maximized fi eld of view and color-true illumination, the Optima provides optimum support in the everyday practice. The Optima comes in two variations: the Optima three-in-one equipped with homogenous nonpolarized light, polarized light and UV lighting capabilities; and the Optima Daylight, which offers both nonpolarized and polarized lighting. Contact: 973.434.1200, canfi

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