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Sometimes, Less is More Have you, an RN or tech asked a patient to return for a follow up IPL procedure, due to the inconvenience of changing hand pieces? If yes, have you calculated the cost to your practice? • Number of patients that fail to return • Opportunity cost of treating patient(s) multiple times • Patients may issue bad PR as a result of not having optimal outcomes The Lumenis M22 can perform more than 23 applications with one hand piece, resulting in a win-win.1 Patients receive optimal outcomes while the practice enjoys additional profits and minimized cash expenditures for additional handpieces. Contact your local Lumenis sales representative to learn more about the benefits of M22 1. Lumenis. M22. Performance. All You Need. All in One. PB-1072770 rev D. 2013. Print. PB-1151750_A

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