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EDITOR'S NOTE CONTENTS Inga Hansen Executive Editor/ Associate Publisher 4 The Psychological Toll of Skin Disease Acne and rosacea are both chronic skin conditions that wreak havoc not only on the epidermis, but also on the psyches of those afflicted. Lacking a cure, practitioners struggle to create individualized treatment regimens to address the multiple symptoms and underlying causes of these diseases. There are several efforts underway to find a nonsystemic treatment that will help control oil production in acne patients. On page 4, we share some of the most promising and innovative treatments on the horizon for sebum control. Once active acne breakouts subside, patients are often left to carry disfiguring—and difficult to treat—acne scars into adulthood. In "Erasing the Mark" (page 10), writer Randy Dotinga shares the latest treatment tools and strategies used by top dermatologists to smooth the scars of acne. There is growing evidence that the chronic inflammation of rosacea may affect more than the superficial layers of the skin. In "Calming Inflammation" on page 16, Dr. Richard Fried discusses the bio-chemical link between rosacea and depression and anxiety. Here you will also find information on the growing variety of both topical and systemic treatment options that can help calm inflamed, rosacea-prone skin and provide relief to sufferers. Every year, new studies are published that offer further insight into the mechanism of action of these diseases, potentially opening the door to new treatment options. We look forward to sharing those advances with you both in this issue ("Research Review," page 2) and in future issues of MedEsthetics. FEATURES 4 Emerging Tools 16 for Sebum Control by Inga Hansen New research on non-systemic treatment options to reduce oil production 10 Erasing the Mark by Randy Dotinga Top treatment tools and protocols to reduce the appearance of acne scars 16 Calming Inflammation by Inga Hansen Controlling inflammation may treat more than superficial skin concerns in rosacea patients DEPARTMENTS 2 Research Review 18 Treatment Tools 20 Ad Index • 818.782.7328, ext. 289 COVER: Photography: @ 10

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