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18 MAY/JUNE 2016 | Med Esthetics for current patients, so they can keep up with what's going on every month in terms of different deals and new cosmetic procedures." Dr. Hudgens has a staff of 12, including a physician assistant and an esthetician, who also contribute blog posts. "We recently had a special on dermaplaning, so our esthetician is going to write a blog post about what dermaplaning is and why patients get it done," she says. "We come up with our own ideas of what we want to cover, and then coordinate with the digital marketing company." Because she doesn't do any other advertising, Dr. Hudgens attributes the practice's rapid growth to its now substantial Internet presence. "Now we're looking more at people who may not need a primary care doctor but have a rash that they want looked at, or the younger crowd that wants to start on their Botox but they just don't know where to look," she says. Dr. Hudgens' practice is very customer-service oriented. She provides training on how to handle incoming calls and welcome new patients, whether they found the practice through the website, social media, word of mouth or their primary care physician. It is this patient-focused attitude that keeps patients coming back after their initial visits. "I believe patients should be treated with the utmost respect. We try to bring that Southern hospitality—'We all care about you;' 'Please let me help you in any way I can'— mentality to our practice," says Dr. Hudgens. "It's really helped us grow much faster than we thought we would." The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center is now bustling with patients of all ages with a variety of skin concerns—and Dr. Hudgens couldn't be more pleased. "My No. 1 goal as a practitioner is to cater to as many different types of people as possible—I don't want to be pigeonholed into any one specialty. I love the full gamut of the fi eld, because every time I walk into the room it's something different," she says. Laura Beliz is the associate editor of MedEsthetics. PATIENT ATTR ACTION | By Laura Beliz Casting a Wide Net Southern charm and a diverse marketing plan helps Jeannette L. Hudgens, MD, attract a wide range of medical and aesthetic dermatology patients. When Jeannette L. Hudgens, MD, FAAD, fi rst opened the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center in Orlando, Florida, in 2009, digital marketing was not her top priority. "My mom actually built my website," she laughs. "It was pretty and it was decent, but defi nitely nothing like what you'd need today. It was a simpler world." Instead, Dr. Hudgens focused on personally building her reputation by networking with primary care physicians and local estheticians, and generating good word of mouth to increase referrals. She gradually established a solid patient base and was then able to look back to the Web as an avenue to attract even more prospective patients. "We weren't getting a lot of our traffi c through our website—it was more informative," says Dr. Hudgens. "We actually had a lot of success with Google AdWords, but it was so expensive; it was killing me every time I saw how much it cost every month." She decided that it would be more cost effective to hire a digital marketing company. In 2014, the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center teamed up with Crystal Clear Digital Marketing. The company began updating the practice website and worked with Dr. Hudgens and her staff to coordinate social media and blog posts. "We really wanted to grow our Internet presence, because that's something we can always change and improve upon," says Dr. Hudgens. She is especially proud of the practice's blog, which alerts both current and prospective patients to monthly specials, and informs them about a variety of medical and cosmetic skin-related subjects. The blog posts cover everything from cosmetic procedures, including peels and injectables, to pediatric rashes and teenage acne; the practice's social media pages appeal to a wider audience using similar content. "We're trying to target a lot of different audiences and address what they're looking for in a doctor. We want to attract every single part of the population," says Dr. Hudgens. "On top of the informative content, we're adding blurbs about the practice and our specials Jeannette L. Hudgens, MD, FAAD

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