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BTLAESTHETICS.COM | INFO@BTLNET.COM INTRODUCING AN ULTRA COMPELLING OFFER FOR AN ULTRA OPPORTUNITY The ASDS found skin tightening and wrinkle reduction to be the most popular aesthetic procedures consumers are seeking. Consumers, in general, are extremely bothered by sagging facial skin (67%), excess fat under the chin and neck (67%) and excess weight (88%). 1 What if you can treat these problem areas, as well as provide solutions for 2016's most desired procedures, namely butt lifts, arm lifts and lip enhancements? 2 AN "ULTRA" OPPORTUNITY 1. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) 2105 Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures. 2. BTL_Exilis_Ultra_AD_Subscription-program_7,7-8x10,3-4inch_ENUS101 Ultra Technology: ˏ$!ˏ%* 1/0.5/ˏ+*(5ˏ*+*%*2/%2!ˏ !2%!ˏ0+ˏ !(%2!. radio frequency and ultrasound simultaneously for head to toe treatments ˏ$!ˏ0$!.,!10%ˏ0.!0)!*0ˏ0!),!.01.!ˏ%/ˏ.!$! faster than treating with either modality alone Ultra Training: ˏ (%*%(ˏ0.%*%*#ˏ,.+2% ! ˏ5ˏ/!/+*! ˏ,.+"!//%+*(/ ˏ % !+ˏ(%..5ˏ* ˏ(%*%(ˏ0.!0)!*0ˏ#1% !ˏ+"ˏ0%,/ˏ and techniques to treat from head to toe Ultra Safe: ˏ *0!#.0! ˏ%),! *!ˏ%*0!((%#!*! ˏ+*0.+((! ˏ++(%*#ˏ"+.ˏ(5!.%*# ˏ!(ˏ0%)!ˏ0!),!.01.!ˏ)+*%0+.%*# Ultra Comfort: ˏ +ˏ*!! (!/ˏ+.ˏ*!/0$!/%ˏ.!-1%.! ˏˏ%*(!//ˏ,.+! 1.!ˏ3%0$ˏ*+ˏ +3*0%)! ˏˏ+/0ˏ,0%!*0ˏ !/.%!ˏ0$!ˏ/!*/0%+*ˏ+"ˏ0$! therapy as being comparable to a hot stone massage Ultra Support: ˏ 1/0+)%6(!ˏ1/0+)!.ˏ/1!//ˏ,(*ˏ0+ˏ .%2!ˏˏ revenue ˏ .0%!ˏ!*$*!)!*0ˏ'%0/ˏ0+ˏ1%( ˏ3.!*!// ˏ 1/0+)!.ˏ,+.0(ˏ"+.ˏ!//ˏ0+ˏ(%*%(ˏ ˏ * ˏ).'!0%*#ˏ+*0!*0 Ultra Compelling: ˏ +*0$(5ˏ,5)!*0ˏ(!//ˏ0$*ˏ+*!ˏ0.!0)!*0ˏˏˏˏ ˏ ,'#!ˏ,!.ˏ)+*0$ ˏ +ˏ.! %0ˏ$!'ȑˏ*+ˏ0$%. ˏ,.05ˏ%*2+(2!)!*0 ˏ %(%05ˏ0+ˏ.!01.*ˏ,.+ 10ˏ"0!.ˏȆȇˏ)+*0$/ ˏ ,#. !ˏ0+ˏ*!3ˏ0!$*+(+#5ˏ0ˏ*+ˏ+/0 THINK DIFFERENT TREAT DIFFERENT ˏˏˏˏ ˏˏˏ ˏˏȎȌȌȇȎȋȆȌȋȌ

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