NOV-DEC 2016

MedEsthetics—business education for medical practitioners—provides the latest noninvasive cosmetic procedures, treatment trends, product and equipment reviews, legal issues and medical aesthetics industry news.

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O U R N E W E S T P O S T T R E A T M E N T G E L P A C K t &YDFMMFOUGPSQPTU KYBELLA® USFBUNFOU t $MPUITMFFWFQSPWJEFTBQSPUFDUJWFCBSSJFS t 3FEVDFTTXFMMJOHBOECSVJTJOH t "MMFWJBUFTQBJOBOEEJTDPNGPSU t 3FNBJOTøFYJCMFXIJMFGSP[FO t &BTJMZDPOGPSNTUPCPEZDPOUPVST t (FMQBDLJTSFVTBCMFTUSPOHBOEEVSBCMF t $PNQMFUFMZTBGFBOEOPOUPYJD t $BOCFQFSTPOBMJ[FEXJUIZPVSOBNFBOEMPHP Designed specifically for chin swelling, pain and discomfort. Velcro straps secures sleeve around head t tXXXHJPQFMMFDPN Note: Minimum order required for personalization. s k i n c a r e 4" Round 4" x 4.5" Square 4" x 10" Face Mask Eye Mask 4" x 10" Fa ce Other Available Gel Packs 3PVOEtY4RVBSFt'BDF.BTL &ZF.BTLtYt0SBM4VSHFSZ Available Ink Colors #MBDLt%BSL#MVFt3FEt"RVB(SFFO #VSHVOEZt'PSFTU(SFFOt8IJUFt(PME .VMUJDPMPS BEEJUPOBMDIBSHF *Consists of two 4" x 4.5" gel packs & clothe sleeve E M k d

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