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10 MAY/JUNE 2018 | Med Esthetics EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD • 603.354.3291 "If I had known how miserable that was going to be, I would have just done the full-face resurfacing." This is a comment I heard from a friend who underwent fractional CO 2 laser skin resurfacing a few years ago. She was explaining that the week of oozing, redness and swelling she experienced following her treatment forced her to take more time off from work than expected, and perhaps she should have just undergone a more invasive procedure and scheduled a reason- able recovery time. This conversation came to mind as I was speaking with a physician just a few days ago. He was shocked and dismayed because a patient had left an extremely negative review of the lip augmen- tation treatment she underwent at his practice because she had bruising after the injections. She was ultimately happy with the outcome, but that did not quell her frustration. While practitioners understand the signifi cant difference between a week of redness and swelling versus a full month of wound care and healing, and most providers know that soft tissue fi ller injections will indeed leave the patient with bruising for at least a few days, when patients hear the words "minimal downtime" they often assume that they will walk out of the offi ce feeling just as they did when they walked in, but look much better. Too often, negative word-of-mouth and low-star reviews are the result of unexpected social downtime or pain, rather than a poor aesthetic outcome. The lesson for providers: In the case of postprocedure pain, swelling and bruising, honesty is the best policy. Don't be shy about sharing the worst-case postprocedure scenario and do stay abreast of new techniques that can help speed healing and minimize these common adverse events. For "Perfect Pouts" on page 38, we asked physicians to share their strategies for achieving optimal outcomes in nonsurgical lip augmentation as well as their tips and techniques to reduce postprocedure bruising and swelling. In many aesthetic practices and medspas, nurse practitioners and physician assistants perform injectable and laser treatments. While midlevel providers can spend more time with patients and often have signifi cant experience in these procedures, complications can occur at the hands of even the most skilled providers. If the patient was under the impression that their provider was a medical doctor, and this is not the case, it can exacerbate an already diffi cult situation. On page 32 ("Extending Care"), we look at informed consent, state regulations, and in-offi ce supervision and training strategies to help practices successfully integrate a range of providers into their facilities. In an elective medical specialty where consumers come to your practice well, in hopes of look- ing and feeling even better, it is always in your business' best interest to err on the side of honesty when educating and informing patients. Inga Hansen Executive Editor/Associate Publisher Mary Lee Amerian, MD Medical Director, Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center, Santa Monica, CA Bruce Katz, MD Director, Juva Skin & Laser Center, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City Joel L. Cohen, MD Director, AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery, CO Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of Colorado, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of California - Irvine Michael H. Gold, MD Founder, Gold Skin Center, Assistant Clinical Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville, TN Mitchel P. Goldman, MD Medical Director, West Dermatology, Volunteer Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of California - San Diego Jeannette Graf, MD Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY Lorrie Klein, MD Founder, OC Dermatology & Euro Day Spa, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of California - Irvine Vic Narurkar, MD Founder, Bay Area Laser Institute, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology, UC Davis Medical School, Chief of Dermatology, California Pacifi c Medical Center, San Francisco Hema Sundaram, MD Director, Sundaram Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center Rockville, MD Alex R. Thiersch, JD Founder and Director, American Med Spa Association (AmSpa), Partner, ByrdAdatto Law Firm Chicago Wm. Philip Werschler, MD Director, Spokane Dermatology Clinic and Werschler Aesthetics, Spokane, WA HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY EDITOR'S NOTE

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