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IMPORTANT! Essential information for smart, independent medical practice owners… "Who Else Wants to Easily Add $161,838 - $485,514 a Year, or More, in Extra Cash for Their Independent Medic In-Demand Cash Services?" …SPECIAL at Independent Practice O ners About Adding Cash Services the Right Way…Fast, Cost-Effectively and es If you're ready to add a substantial and reliable new stream of revenue to your practice…without having to break the bank, add new staff or take needless risks with technology…then I have some GOOD NEWS for you. My name is Dr Jamie Fettig. Since 2010 I have helped hundreds of independent medical practice owners transform their practice and build greater financial security by adding in demand cash services. In fact, there are SEVEN types of services where there is BIG DEMAND and that offer you significant opportunity (THREE stand out). Today in 2018, more than ever, the smart practice owner needs to be fully aware of the options available to add cash services. Because, if you're like me, you might be wondering Is There a War on Independent Practice Owners? Independent medical practices are under threat like never before. It seems like there's an undeclared war on traditional solo practice owners and small local practices. Insurance companies seem determined to cut reimbursements to the bone, delay payments for as long as they dare and routinely conduct audits for no reason. Then there's the nightmare of the ongoing effect of the so-called "Affordable Care Act". Plus Many More Reasons. It's no surprise that more and more independent medical professionals are taking a close look at ancillary in demand cash- paid services. BUT…there's a BIG problem. Which ancillary cash service is RIGHT for you and your practice? Making the wrong decision could be very costly…both in terms of time, money and most importantly, your reputation. Introducing the Vevazz 7 in one System – Including Body Contouring It's probably no surprise that the #1 choice for a profitable cash service is weight loss and body contouring. The market is HUGE…figures I've seen suggest 67% of Americans are overweight and the rest want to spot reduce. The fat loss and body contouring system that I have developed is called Vevazz. In the first year of operation I made $303,892.06 in new revenues. The heart of the system is a machine using laser-like light therapy. It's one of the few systems cleared by the FDA for immediate fat loss (patients will see results straight away in 96% of the cases). There is MUCH more to the Vevazz system. It is… FAST and EFFECTIVE. Cleared by the FDA for immediate fat loss, patients can lose 3.6" from the waist hips and thighs (1.7 liters of fat) SAFE no adverse side effects, no pain and no recovery time needed by patients. In fact, FDA cleared to also reduce pain. GUARANTEED…4 ways-no down-time, double your investment in 6 months, 60 days to satisfy yourself this is the right decision PLUS…it comes with a PROVEN turnkey business system so you can have all the patients you'll ever need. Doctors who have invested in the Vevazz system make an average of $22,400 additional revenue every month (with many making $100,000). People like Dr Larry Cutour… "Incredible success, it's truly amazing and exciting because we've had people lose an average of quarter to half a pound per treatment and one to three inches per treatment. Even had one young lady lose six inches in one treatment. So, it's been incredibly successful." And more GOOD NEWS…Vevazz is the lowest price FDA- cleared non-surgical procedure for instant fat loss. Here's What to do Next… I understand that you will want to be conduct your own due diligence. To get the full information and answers to any questions you may have I have prepared for you a special business briefing webcast. To secure your place …simply go to… Go to Today, and sign up for this Business Webcast Adding extra revenue streams to your practice is going to be essential to financial success in the years ahead. Make sure you have the right information to make an informed decision. Dr. Jamie Fettig D.C. P.S. With Vevazz you also have the option to offer Anti- Aging…with a complete turnkey business systems. Effective Neuropathy treatments also with turnkey systems and more. Go to Today Advertisement

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