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U l t r a S l i m Doctor, Do you hear that? It's opportunity knocking. Carpe diem! Ask our doctors how to earn an extra $20,000 next week in cash, with no insurance hassles! This is your chance to get in on the ground floor, before there is an UltraSlim® on every corner. Most Americans are overweight and it is difficult for many to lose fat. Now there is a safe, effecƟve alternaƟve for immediate fat reducƟon. UltraSlim® is the only FDA-cleared device for instant fat reducƟon, without dieƟng, exercise, drugs, or surgery. Other devices need months to show results. UltraSlim® is the safest body contouring device, and the only Risk Group 1 device. How good is UltraSlim®? In clinical trials, paƟents lost an average of 1,580cc of fat during each 32- minute session — 40 Ɵmes more than CoolsculpƟng® achieves aŌer waiƟng 8 weeks to see results!* UltraSlim® paƟents lost an average of 3.5" combined from their waist, hips, and thighs during each session — and 98% lost at least 2". Instant fat losses ranged from a minimum of 717cc to over 4 liters, at each 32-minute treatment session. UltraSlim® comes to you with a money-back guarantee, markeƟng support, two days training, price protecƟon, and a 7-year next- day replacement warranty. Which would you recommend to your mother? The procedure that causes pain, bruising, and won't show results for months? Or, the procedure with instant results, 40 Ɵmes more fat loss, and no side effects or adverse outcomes? Abdominal fat shown here is reduced 33% with one 8-minute treatment in vivo. According to the surgeon, "It was mushy, with a congealed jelly ty pe of appearance. It looked like the fat had melted, although there was no heat. Only light." Control UltraSlim 1-800-392-5950 Ward Photonics .com U l t r a S l i m U l t r a S l i m ® "Introducing UltraSlim to my weight loss pracƟce, was one of the best decisions of my medical career." "It's incredible to be able to offer immediate results to paƟents." Ellyn Levine, M.D., Board-CerƟfied Obesity Specialist La Mesa, California, 1-619-567-6914 *See Lasers Surg Med. 2014 February; 46(2): 75–80. doi:10.1002/lsm.2220. UltraSlim® mulƟ-site clinical trials reported at and NCT02867150. FDA clearances K160880 and K150336. U.S. patents include 9498641, 9044595, and 9808314. UltraSlim® is a registered trademark of Blue Water InnovaƟons, LLC. Copyright 2018, all rights reserved. Taylor had dramaƟc results with weekly 32-minute UltraSlim sessions. She lost 13" of stubborn fat from her waist, hips, and thighs combined in just four weeks. See for yourself. Watch a video of an UltraSlim® procedure on our website or try UltraSlim® on your own body. Just call 1-800-392-5950 to schedule a demonstraƟon at our offices in Cocoa Beach, Beverly Hills, London, or Paris.

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