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Page 45 of 68 | JULY/AUGUST 2018 43 © GETTY IMAGES but they will write it down, which gives us an opportunity to resolve the issue," says Kovak. This kind of follow-up leaves even initially unhappy patients with a good feeling about the practice, "This can prevent negative word-of-mouth," Kovak explains. "The surveys are a learning tool. It's a way to build and perfect our processes and teach our staff." Look at Your Surroundings In addition to human interactions, patients are affected by the physical appearance or experience with the offi ce. For example, do patients have to drive around the block three times to fi nd parking? Is it easy to fi nd the entrance? Do they pass a pile of litter on the lawn in the front of the building? Such experiences can create a negative impression before patients even walk in the door. "Every component of our aesthetic business—from the fl oors to the paint to the rooms to the landscaping and the parking lot—are critically important," says Kovak. "People want to come into a clean, well-kept, nicely decorated and beautifully landscaped practice." When the patient enters the practice, they are greeted by name and a staff member confi rms why they are here and asks about their families or any important recent events, if that information is available. "The patient experience is driven by our front offi ce. Sometimes patients have to wait, so our staff offers a beverage and explains that the doctors are giving patients 100 percent of their attention but will be with them shortly," says Kovak. "The person behind the front desk has to be warm, inviting and knowledgeable about the doctor and the practice," says Dr. Truswell. "It's also important for staff to remember patients' names when they return, and it's good if they can remember a little bit about the town they might live in or what's going on in their personal lives. All these little things add up." Shelley Moench-Kelly, MBA, is a freelance writer based in Newport, VT. "People want to come into a clean , well -kept, nicely decorated and beautifully landscaped practice ." 1.800.221.0658 • o t.c om m m m m m m m m m m m m m Injectable Fillers Botox Consultations E•Z Removable In For consultations & aesthetic injections • Ink comes off easily! • Ideal for non-surgical aesthetic procedures see it in action: b i t . l y / E Z I N K Botox® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

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