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STOP! Important and urgent information for independent medical practice owners… Thinking About Adding Cash Services in Demand Like Fat Loss, Body Contouring or Anti-Aging? Considering Cool Sculpt, Sculpt Sure or a Similar Device? Avoid Disappointment and READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION FIRST… …Here's What Practice Owners Need About the Potential Risks of Treatments Like Fat Freezing…and the Better Way to Add A New Revenue Stream to Your Practice My name is Dr Jamie Fettig. Since 2006 I have helped hundreds of independent medical practice owners transform their practice and build greater financial security by adding cash in demand services with the Vevazz fat loss and body contouring system. The Vevazz system is… FAST and EFFE . Cleared by the FDA for immediate fat loss, patients can lose 3.6" from the waist hips and thighs (1.7 liters of fat) SAFE no adverse side effects, no pain and no recovery time needed by patients GUARANTEED…4 ways…no down-time, double your investment in 6 months, 60 days it really works to satisfy yourself this is the right decision. PLUS…it comes with a PROVEN turnkey business system an national marketing done for you so you can have all the patients you'll ever need. Doctors who have invested in the Vevazz system make an average of $22,400 additional revenue every month (with many making $100,000). People like Dr Larry Cutour MD… "Incredible success, it's truly amazing and exciting because we've had people lose an average of quarter to half a pound per treatment and one to three inches per treatment. Even had one young lady lose six inches in one treatment. So, it's been incredibly successful." And more GOOD NE …Vevazz is the lowest price FDA-cleared body contouring device. It is also non- invasive, safe & cleared for immediate fat loss. Other systems may seem attractive but often come with serious drawbacks. The adjacent table sets out KEY points to review. And to make sure you have all the information to make the informed decision that's right for you and your practice, I have prepared a special video business briefing. To secure your place simply GO TO… and Sign Up Today Your practice's survival and prosperity, your staff's jobs and your career, your ability to operate independently and be of service to your community may depend on your careful consideration of this information…and making the right decision. P.S. Would you also like to offer Anti-Aging? Slim Line also has complete turnkey protocols, equipment and systems to non-invasively slow, stop and reverse the aging process. All with zero drugs, zero surgery, zero pain and zero down time. Slim Line® Timely results. Results in 3 to 6 months. Results take up to 12 weeks. - Results are instant, observed at the treatment visit. Treatment Method. Extreme cold. Laser-generated heat. Narrowband non- coherent light. Reduction of treated fat cells. "About 20% to 25%" "Up to 24%" - "About 33%" - Average inch loss during each visit. None. None. Patients lost an average of 3.7" during each treatment. Volume lost from One Treatment Patient lost an average of 39.6cc within 8 weeks. - Lasers in Surg. and Med. None specified. Patient lost an average of 1700 CC's during each visit. - Side effects and adverse outcomes. Pain (including long term), umbilical hernia, gaining fat, enlargement of fat, stretch marks, prolapsed bladder, uterus and rectum, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, inflammatory colitis, and deep vein thrombosis. - Pain (including long- term), laser burns, nodule formation, blistering, scars, swelling, fever, abscess, tenderness, and cellulitis. - No side effects. - The Lowest Price Best Valued Risk Group 1 body contouring device. - Anti-Aging No No YES Estimated equipment cost for 7,000 uses. $1,198,000 $530,000 $54,900 $54 ,9 00 Advertisement

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